Will I get a chance to win multiple times?

Yes, every day each club member's name would be included in lucky dip.,

How can I participate in Lucky dip contest?

It's simple! You can become a "Bitcoin India CLUB member" to participate in daily lucky dip contest.,

How do I get notified if I won in lucky dip contest?

You will received a message via WhatsApp or via an e-mail about your win; in addition to that we also list the name of the winner each day at below link.,


What Prize I would get if I win lucky dip contest?

You will received 100 INR mobile top-up if you win in lucky dip contest.

I have won 100 INR mobile top-up, how can I use it?

For now, we do not have Mobile top-up option at our site; however, for now, you can raise a deposit request for 100 INR, so that the same will be added to your cash account (INR) balance.

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